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Showcase your technology project with .cloud.

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It’s a great alternative to .com – generic and universal.

Show your customers that you are part of .io

An exceptional domain for your thriving business.

Show your customers that you are part of the .fr

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A free email box with each domain, free URL redirection and DNS management.

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Never lose your domain name, Automatic renewal usually occurs within 30 days before the domain expiration date. You can enable auto-renewal when you first register a domain or at any time after registering the domain.

Whois Privacy

Identity Protection Private domain registration replaces your personal information with generic placeholders You can opt for private registration when purchasing a domain, privacy can also be added to your existing domains.

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NextHostify | Domain Names - ID Protection

ID Protection

Edit your domain name WHOIS information with one click

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DNS management

Easily manage DNS records for your domain name

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Protection against theft

Protect your domain names against theft

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Online Administration

Disposez d'une solution « tout compris » de gestion de domaines

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Instant Activation

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Redirection management

Easily perform domain name forwarding

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Premium DNS Service with built-in security, enhanced site resolution and bad redirect prevention, Map your domain name to a web hosting or email service, set domain aliases, and more.


Why do we need multiple domains?

There are a number of reasons to register more than one domain name, mainly focused on future growth, SEO a multiple domain strategy is about adding more power to your SEO strategy, improving online identity and enable more access points to your online presence.

Additionally, you will also protect your business from competitor hijackings that may restrict your online business

Lock and unlock it to prevent unauthorized transfers

Protection of private life ? When you register a domain name, your personal data is recorded in WHOIS. If you do not add privacy protection to your order, you are choosing to expose your personal information to the WHOIS directory, so that anyone can see your contact information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Choosing the right domain name is a crucial step for the success of your website. Here are some tips for choosing the perfect domain:

  • The domain should be easy to type and easy to remember. You may need to dictate your domain over the phone or in person to potential customers. If they can’t spell it later, they might not find your website.
  • Your domain should be unique. Avoid confusion with your competitors, or you may end up sending them some of your visitors and leads!
  • Use keywords that describe your product, service, or brand. This will help your website perform better in search engines like Google. Your domain could, for example, include the city where you live, one of your main products, or the brand you market.
  • Save multiple relevant variants. This could include domain misspellings, useful variations, or geographically targeted domains. No need to build separate websites for each domain: you can easily redirect them to your main domain with our tools. Many companies choose to protect their brands by registering their domain with several popular endings.
  • Do your research and make sure your chosen domain is not someone else’s intellectual property. It will help you avoid costly legal issues that can cost you more than your domain name!

Managing your domain name is easy with the Customer Area. Just click on My domains in the menu to launch the domain manager. From here you can:

  • Update your DNS servers
  • Renew your domain name
  • Manage your advanced DNS settings (A record, CNAME, TXT and MX)
  • Redirect your domain to another address
  • Redirect your emails (premium)
  • Update your WHOIS information.
  • Lock or unlock your domain

Your domain must not be expired.
The Whois contact email address must be valid.
Unlock the domain “UNLOCK” Status ACTIVE/OK.
Retrieve the Auto Code transfer code ‘Code EPP’ from your old service provider.

A domain name can only contain the letters A-Z, the numbers 0-9 and a hyphen (-), in addition to punctuation (.),
You cannot use accents, cedillas, or accented characters.
Domain names can only use letters, numbers, the fada (acute accent) character and hyphens (“-“). Spaces and other symbols are not allowed. Names cannot begin or end with a hyphen and are not case sensitive.

If it is available, otherwise a CCTLD domain name would be a good one like .com .net .ma .fr .eu .sn Also new extensions like .travel .sarl .rent .hotel are a good choice The URL of each website can be divided into different parts. …
Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) There are actually several types of TLDs. …
Generic top-level domain (gTLD) … Second-level domain (SLD) … Third-level domain. … Premium Domain.

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Add domain ID protection.